Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daily results 3/8 - 3/9

All is well here, just getting bigger by the second. Seriously!!! I feel good but there have been some hard moments in the past couple of days where my energy has been nonexistent. On Sunday I was SO TIRED! I took a nap and just crashed! Then Monday and yesterday were fantastic, and I felt wonderful until late at night and then the bed was calling my name! I guess this is to be expected but I do long for the days where I had endless energy but it will come back soon, I hope!

My 36 week doctors appointment is tomorrow and since I have been slowing down I think it will be a good appointent. I have not had too many contractions this week so that is good. It will be just a standard vist. You know Mommy's BP, babys HR, weight etc... but I still love going each week to hear her little heart beating so strong. This week though he will not be checking effacement etc..unless he feels it is needed. We will see.

Anyways. today I am staying mostly at home doing laundry and light housework. I am planning on taking my dog for a walk hopefully 30 mins if I can.

Here are the my results from the past two days -

Monday - 3/8

Fitness - 20 min walk
Calories - 1,582
Protein - 112
Fiber - 40
Water - 128 oz

Tuesday - 3/9

Fitness - 17 min walk
Calories - 1,595
Protein - 111
Fiber - 59
Water - 192 oz - Wowza!


Cheryl said...

you are doing so well and the time is almost here!!!!! Lugging the baby weight around is so hard at this will be stronger for it after!!!
Take care and rest up!!

Becca's Dirt said...

You need to rest when the urge hits you. It is getting harder to get around too. When I was at your stage of pregnancy I could not see my feet and I had no lap when I sat down. Anyway be active when you feel like it and rest other times. It's OK.