Thursday, March 11, 2010

36 week appointment....

All is well, we had a wonderful appointment once again which we are so thankful for!! The visit was short and included the usual checkup. My weight gain is now at 22 lbs which is fantastic, my BP was 116/ 76 and Michaela's heart rate was 146 which is wonderful. So all numbers were on track and we are pleased with that!

My doctor checked me and my uterus is dropping and I am less than 50% effaced and have started to dilate but less than 1 cm ( he said it was called finger tip dilation). He also said for me to continue to take it easy and he said he is thinking I have another 2 weeks. But that is just an estimate and of course I could go longer! He will be checking me again next week for my 37th weeks appointment which I am excited about as I will be officially full term!

Michaela is growing very well. He told me she will not be a small baby, but a good size for sure! She is estimated to be 6 lbs now and should be gaining about .5 lb each week. So that was good news. She is head down and since she has been in this position for so long he feels that she will not move from that position which is fantastic!

Another great visit! So much to be thankful for!


Cheryl said...

everything is doing what it should, your girl is growing, is head it!
I predict a fantastic delivery! You will do so well given how fit you are. It makes a HUGE difference!

Donna said...

I have been following you for a while now, but just never commented. I just loved reading about your whole pregnancy, for I loved every minute when I was pregnant. Good luck to you!

Becca's Dirt said...

Oh my the excitement is building. You are going to do a great job girl. You should have a good delivery.

I'll be checking back as usual. I hope you can let us know when you go the hospital.