Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Workout Results 7/8

Well so much for taking it easy! I started to think about my race and I really felt the need to get out there and just do something today. Even if it was slower than what I would like, it would be better than another day on the couch. I kept things light and made sure I did not pull a "Jen" where I just go all know one of my crazy long workouts! LOL!! I feel ok, tired with a slight headache but I am glad that I did my best today. Thanks for all your comments from my blog this morning! Your support means SO much!

Here are my goals for today.....

1. Drink 1 gallon of water - done
2. Take all vitamins and supplements - done
3. PT stretches/ foam roller - did not do
4. Stay within calorie range - done - 1,905 calories consumed
5. Ice my knee at least twice - done
6. Swim 400/Bike 11/Run 2 - done
7. Yoga before bed at least 30 mins - did not do

Totals for the day -
Time - 84.33 mins
Calories burned - 976

Workout 1 - 14.21 mile bike / 2 mile run
Time - 67.17 mins
Calories burned - 774

Bike - 14.21 miles/ 48:11 mins / 17.7 avg mph, 28.1 max mph
Run - 2 miles - 19:06 mins/ 9:53 mm avg (mile 1 split 9:16 mins)

Workout 2 - Easy 2 x 400 meter freestyle
Time - 17.16 mins
Calories burned - 202


Marlene said...

Sometimes you just have to get out there! Great job.

Bren said...

Stopping by to say HEY! GREAT WORKOUT today. Enjoy the rest of the week because you totally deserve it!

Margaret Rossi said...

You are AWESOME! LOVE reading your blog! Thanks for taking the time to share! Congrats on your success with tris!! You are a natural athlete!