Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29th - October 5th...12 days until going back home plan!

Only 12 more days until I get to go back to America to see my family and have some fun in the Bahamas!! As opposed to my normal split program, I am going back to full body strength training for this week, just to switch it up and allow for 3 days of great lifting.  

As for my cardio plan this week, it will be short and sweet. My knee is doing really well. Last week I ran 3 times and it ended up being a great way to start back with out overdoing it! So I will continue to do the same this week. 

I am not sure how much longer I can continue not logging my food. I have tried it now for a few weeks and I am finding it very hard. I am so used to knowing the count of everything that was going into my mouth and at the end of the day I knew exactly where I stood in terms of a deficit. I wanted to try out not logging to see how I could do with portion control, and I have done great but it is the NOT knowing the calories that is killing me!! I know, I know....I am addicted to the numbers! 

September 29th - October 5th Training Plan -

Monday -  Full Body ST with a 30 min run 

Tuesday - Butts and Guts DVD with elliptical intervals - 60 mins 

Wednesday - Full Body ST with a 30 min run 

Thursday - Core Max DVD - All 3 segments 

Friday - Fully Body ST with a 30 min run 

Saturday and Sunday - Rest! 

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