Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Year, New Goals!!!

I am sitting here writing this on the morning of January 1st with a heart filled with anticipation for the year ahead!! Instead of listing my goals for the year I want to break them up into quarterly goals starting with the first half of this year.

1. Complete my Whole45 - Lose 20 lbs and loads of inches :)
2. Get back to regular strength training
3. Increase my mobility training

Day one was a success and now I look ahead to the next 44 days before me!! :)

Day 1 results -

Fitness - Mobility work - light. Activity goals met via Surge
Nutrition - M1 - Eggs, crab and avocado. 1 small tangerine and coffee with coconut milk
M2 - Lettuce wrap with turkey and avocado, roasted potatoes. Kale and veggie shake
M3 - Apple with almond butter, blackberries.  Small amount of grass fed steak with salad.  Green tea with lemon.

1 comment:

susan strain said...

You sound wonderfully optimistic, I love it and I hope it's contagious. I bet you have no trouble meeting your goals.