Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Results - 1/8

I will be an overcomer this month. This month may be a difficult one but, I WILL press on.....

I have to say that I am proud I at least tried to do something today, even though it was not much of a workout, I did something while sick and with my hurt knee. My appointment went well today. The news was not what I was wanting to hear but there is nothing I can do about it. He said that it seems as if the back of my knee and the top part of my calf is in some kind of a spasm. He thinks it was caused by the long flight from the US and my knee getting stiff and inflamed. He said I have so many things going on with my knee that there is just too much inflammation and pressure inside that it has caused the back to spasm thus producing the pain and immobility that I am experiencing. Fun times....

Anyways,  I have to give it another 4 - 6 days and if there is no improvement, he is sending me to a specialist.  Every time I wish my knee trouble would just go away, I am reminded I need to be thankful I even have a knee and the ability to walk. It changes how I view the struggle. You become grateful, very grateful for what you do have.

Today was good. I met my goals and even though it is only day 2, I am proud I am sticking with my current plan.  Not much to report as my workouts are non-exsistent right now until my knee is better but to stay accountable, here are my daily results.

My weigh in is tomorrow and I will be honest, I am NOT looking forward to it. Maybe if the scale is up it will all be from the inflammation of my knee....just kidding. The truth is it will be up because of the many lattes, breads and Indian food I ate while on vacation. Plain and simple. What you eat, leads to results either good or bad and there is a time you have to face the facts and deal with it. Tomorrow morning we will see just how much I will have to deal with.

Results - 1/8

M1 - Ground beef and tomato mixture from yesterday with Romaine lettuce
M2 - Chicken with eggs and Avocado
M3 - Bell pepper and peanut butter
M4 - Chicken, avocado, fresh spinach, red onion mixed with salsa and greek yogurt
M5 - ON Whey shake with milk, fresh spinach, strawberries and a mix of ground flaxseeds, almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts and Co Q10.

In between I drank lots of water with ACV, coffee, a few cashews and I ate a small amount of dark chocolate. For my greens mix I drank Pukka Clean Greens.

Fitness results - hardly anything but at least with all that is going on I made an effort.

Pull ups - 4 reps, unassisted and I did not make it all the way to the bar but I tried my best. It felt as if I was holding steady at some points but I was trying and that is what counts.

Push ups - 20 military reps. Like I said, hardly anything but proud I just did it.

My monthly goals seem a million miles away, but I am just going to keep pressing on and looking ahead. Do what I can each day and then at the end of the day, I can rest knowing I gave this my all. It is hard reading this blog and seeing how far I have let myself go but it is reality and I have to take full responsibility and change course. Day by day....

Monthly totals -
Weight loss - 0/5 lbs
Push ups - 20/1,000
Pull ups - 4/100


Anele @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Girl, that diagnosis is a blessing! You could be dealing with something much more serious (or the crud I'm going through with weeks to go before being cleared for low impact stuff). I'm hoping it's just the stiffness from the long flight and you can take some epsom salt baths, maybe get a massage or two and be good as new!

You've gotta start somewhere and tomorrow you'll do a few more.

Tiffanie said...

I like that you look at your knee problem as something you "get" to have. We are all lucky any day we are alive and free and have the ability to be mobile.