Monday, January 07, 2013

Note to self. Forget trying to find the perfect moment. Just start.

Those of you following me on FB know the craziness that has been going on since we arrived back in Norway.  If you are not aware, I will keep it brief. We are all sick and are struggling with jet lag. There you have it! I have been waiting to post my 2013 goals until the perfect moment, one in which we are settled, unpacked and feeling better. As of now, I do not know when that will be so I am just going to go for it and post a few goals I want to reach this month. NOT this year, but this month. I need to start somewhere, and so I am choosing to just post my goals one month at a time for now. This of course may change but right now I just need to be reaching for something, anything, in order to get back on schedule and feel as if I am striving for a dream once again.

Ever since the marathon my motivation has vanished. My weight has increased, my body feels sluggish and tired and I feel far from the girl I was this time last year.  It happens. We slip up, we let things slide and that is ok at times but now it is time to get back to a set program. What that program will be, I am not yet sure. Here is why. As of this morning my knee has decided to once again take center stage and I am hurting quite a bit and we do not know why. It is the back of my knee, towards my calf where I had my injury last spring. I am a bit discouraged as all of this is coming just 56 days before my HM but I have an appointment tomorrow morning to see what is going on. I have faith that all will be ok but for now, I cannot run or do any high impact activity. After all, I am just trying to make it up and down the stairs right now. One thing I CAN control at this time is my diet. So for the rest of the month, or until we know what is going on with my knee, that will be where my goals are focused.

It is simple, straight forward and for some, it may be a surprise. I am going to give Paleo another go. To be fair, I have never fully taken the Paleo plunge, and this time around I will be keeping a few things that are considered non Paleo until I get a handle on the rest of it.

Confession, I have a thing for oats. Oatmeal, oatbran....all of it. I love it. I love beans, but they do not love me. And so, for this month, I am going wheat free and I am dropping beans. Now, I will still allow quinoa and brown rice as both are gluten free but a departure from a true Paleo lifestyle as well as skim milk and greek yogurt, two more No No's when it comes to Paleo. I know this, but bear with me while I take this first but important step in finding out what is right for me.  The KEY for me is dropping these carbs....oats more in particular, that is my focus right now and for me a big deal.

I plan on writing more about my findings, both good and bad and I hope to report back that the month was a success. I know I am not starting on Jan 1st, but there is no better time to start a goal than the present moment. I plan on making a daily log or daily results blog to briefly list my meals for the day along with my workouts.

My weight loss goal for Jan is to lose 5 lbs.

January Goals - Nutrition

1. Remove gluten sources from our diet - oats, pasta, oat bran etc....
2. No beans of any kind
3. Increase healthy fats - avocado, coconut oil, almonds etc...
4. Bread make with almond flour ( homemade ) is ok but nothing else.
5. Take VM Green and Sun Warrior Greens daily

January Goals - Fitness.....more to follow after doctors apt for my knee

1. Push ups - 1,000 military reps
2. Pull ups - 100 reps - negative, assisted etc...

So here are my results for today - 1/7

M1 - Ground beef with onions, small amount of pesto, tomatoes and  fresh spinach
M2 - 2 eggs with chicken and avocado
M3 - About Time protein shake with milk
M4 - more of M1 with romaine lettuce and about 1 tbsp of greek yogurt with hot sauce

In between meals lots of water, tea and coffee with milk and a about 1 tbsp or more of natural PB by itself......,mercy me was I craving some bread but I stayed away. Good Jen....


Rhonda Wills said...

Sounds like a great start.. I'm impressed - 1000 push-ups? Wowee. About the oats.... aren't oats gluten free?

Anele @ Success Along the Weigh said...

All sound like good goals and I hope you get an answer on the knee. (Wasn't there some kind of cyst that was supposedly not the issue? Maybe it is now and you can just have it drained and be done with it?)

Don't worry about adhering to the "Paleo label", just worry about finding the right foods to help you with your goals and if they happen to be most Paleo, great. Do your own thing girl, you'll figure it out! You've got this!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

To post your goals one month at a time is a great idea! Hope you have a happy 2013!

Duffin Family said...

Good luck with your knees and new goals! I wish I had your self-control with your diet. What is your secret?!