Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Go Little Grandma Go!!

I am so proud and excited in the fact that my dear grandmother was featured in the Dallas Morning News!!! My family will be running the Dallas White Rock Marathon relay together this Sunday and apart of the team is my 81 year old grandmother!! I wish more than anything that I could be there to run with my family. I will have to wait until next year!

She is my inspiration for sure! What a great lesson in life we can learn from someone who gets out there are lives, really and truly LIVES up to her potential each and every day.....even at 81!! I am so glad I have her genes, she is my grandmother after all! I can only hope and pray that I have this much spunk and spirit when I am her age. Thank you, grandma for being such a wonderful example to me in so many ways.

Rooting for you all the way from Siberia! Go get em' grandma!

Click here to read the article and see a video of my grandmother.


renee said...

This sounds like my grandmother. After she retired she still made it to the gym at her old company every morning...about a year after she retired they asked her to come back to work to help train new employees. It's good because hit helps keep her busy.

We can learn a good lesson from these ladies!

Skye's the Limit said...

Awe Jen, that was the most inspiring thing I've ever seen! You must be so proud! I'm going to save a link to the video so when I don't feel like going for my walk, I can be reminded of your grandmother's words. And how sweet of her to offer the camera man a bottle of water. It certainly shows her true character! :o)

Also, when you have a chance, please stop by my blog. They have a FABULOUS award waiting for you. :o)

P.S. Your grandmother and I are neighbors. I'm in Louisiana! Are you originally from Texas as well?

Anonymous said...

Oh, how cute is she?! And inspirational - wow! My dad will be 73 next week and he's very similar. He goes to the gym and works out an hour every day - does the treadmill or elliptical trainer and lifts weights. Great role models!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your grandma is a true inspiration, what a wonderful video. You are indeed lucky to have those genes!!

Krissa said...

That is awesome. I know you are proud of her!!!

Kelly Olexa said...

That is so freaking awesome!! I love it!!

Jen's Journey said...

Thanks guys! She is a true inspiration to the whole family! I love her spirit! I definitely want to be a reflection of her when I am her age!!! My Mom is just like her too, I love it!

Mer! said...

Hey Jen! That story is So cute!!! I think we can all agree that we hope to have her same spunk when we get to be her age!!

Awesome!!! hope you guys start feeling better very soon!!!

Stay warm!!

SuperDave said...

Your grandma is awesome and she even does lunges. Yes, you have got some good genes in you. She is an inspiration.

Jill said...

Great story! Sounds like you have a wonderful and inspirational family.