Monday, July 06, 2015

Back from Mexico!!

We are home now from our family vacation and I am ready to begin a new challenge today! I will most pics of the trip and details later on but for now I wanted to focus on the task at hand....getting back on track!!

The challenge runs from today, July 6th to September 3rd. 60 days of watching my foods closely and logging my workouts etc...

The plan is simple.

1. Eat Clean. No junk or anything processed.
2. Lift lots of things. Balls, bars, ropes, sandbags etc...
3. Move!! Move slow. Move fast. Just move.
4. Log my goods on Myfitnesspal and keep water around a gallon a day.

For my training - Milage goal is set at 500 miles, SBRW - swim, bike, run and walk
Pushup goal - 3,000
Burpees - 2,000

It's easy to set goals, its another thing to get out there and get it done! Here we GOOOOO!!!!!


short term commitments : ) said...

Hey Jen - I was checking out some of your links, and one of them goes to a very bad site that I don't think you intended to send people to. I think it was the "eating clean" link on the right. Just wanted to give you a heads up so you can fix it :) I am too scared to check any of the others.

short term commitments : ) said...

sorry just realized it was the "clean eating club" link, don't click that one.