Sunday, September 07, 2014

W30/300 Day 7. Training Week 2

I am running behind for my goals this month and currently I am sick, but nevertheless,  I have to press on with my goals for the month. My totals as of now are 42/300 miles.  I am far off track, but I am hoping to put in some good miles this next week and catch up if possible.

Maybe I will reach my 300 goal, maybe not, but I have to at least try my best. I am running and walking with minimal swelling and pain in my knees so for me, this is huge progress. I just need to stay consistent and remember to take it slow and not rush this process. I took a LONG time off and I cannot expect to be back 100% overnight.

Training Week 2 -

Sunday - Rest (sick)
Monday - RW 4
Tuesday - Bike 20
Wednesday - RW 6, Bike 15
Thursday - Bike 20
Friday - RW 6
Saturday - Rest

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Kay atGoalofLosing said...

Hope you and your family feel better soon!!