Monday, June 02, 2014

Training starts again.

June is here and while we are still waiting to move into the new house, I have to get back to regular training despite this busy time in our life.  I have been doing well but recently I was sick for a few days and it knocked me off my program once again. But I am doing better and ready to work hard this week.

My training for this week is as follows.

Monday - RW easy 3 miles with PT
Tuesday - RW 6 miles
Wednesday - Bike 40 mins, Swim 800 yards. 8x25 with RI 20 seconds
Thursday - Bike 40 mins, RW easy
Friday - Swim 800 yards. 3 x100 RI 15 seconds
Saturday - RW 6 miles
Sunday - Rest

I am going to start posting training logs again. They will be short, most likely boring with a bunch of numbers but it will help my training.

Happy to be back. :) Wishing everyone a stellar JUNE!!! Press on!


Amanda said...

I look forward to seeing your progress! You're always so inspiring!

Amber said...

Hi Jen! I am stopping by from the Facebook page! I wanted to invite you to a link up we have going on for fitness posts just like this!

Join if you'd like!
Great job too!