Friday, November 02, 2012

My Marathon splits....

I am in the middle of writing a LONG blog about the marathon but I wanted to post my splits on here for those of you who are not on FB or the daily mile.

It was an amazing day for me!! I have so many photos to share and details of the race to post probably sometime this weekend or Monday.

From my Garmin....26.55 miles - 4:46.13...10:46 Avg Pace

Mile 1 - 10:20
Mile 2 - 10:11
Mile 3 - 10:30
Mile 4 - 10:04
Mile 5 - 10:16
Mile 6 - 10:30
Mile 7- 10:33
Mile 8-  9:49
Mile 9 - 10:05
Mile 10 - 10:25
Mile 11- 10:21
Mile 12 - 11:00
Mile 13 - 10:59

I reached the half way mark at 2:17 which was exactly my time in training to finish in 4:34....but after mile 13 it started to go downhill in terms of my speed. I began to see people on the sides of the road stretching their calves and many people walking who were so fit and should have been near the finish. I started to worry and I think it got to me.

Mile 14 - 10:52
Mile 15 - 10:39
Mile 16 - 11:15
Mile 17 - 10:44
Mile 18 - 10:49
Mile 19 - 11:26
Mile 20 - 11:38
Mile 21 - 11:47
Mile 22 - 10:52
Mile 23 - 11:15
Mile 24 - 11:50
Mile 25 - 11:37
Mile 26 - 11:04
The last .55 - 5:10

Looking back on these it is obvious when I really started walking and slowing down my running. I have to be honest, I am a bit sad seeing these. I wish they were faster like in my training. I trained to finish around 4:34 and while my goal was to always come in under 5 hours, a part of me was dreaming for a 4:30 - 4:45 finish....I was so close.


Anele @ Success Along the Weigh said...

That's awesome! I can't wait for the detailed blog, girl!

Duffin Family said...

You are amazing! You have inspired me so much! I have been feeling a little bored with my exercise routines and reading about your training and nutrition has inspired me again to work harder, find a new goal, and strive to complete something truly challenging for me. Congrats on completing a marathon! What an accomplishment. You should be very proud!

Christine said...

I'm one of your many silent followers Jen but I just had to jump in here and send you hugs! Although I know it's tough to not reach that much-dreamt about goal, you should also sit back and admire this accomplishment! I am in total awe of you and your stamina through training and life changes. Keep it up and don't let the numbers get you too down.
On behalf of the many strangers who were thinking of you on Tuesday, you did us proud!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

oh hun. I don't think I've really posted in here but I just want you to know that you did outstanding for your marathon! It was a wonderful thing to accomplish after all your hard work these past few years. Remember that!

MC said...

The split times look great. I want to do a marathon 1 year from now. I am looking for a 7 hour one, I think Dublin is one :D You did very well. And I'm reading about your 'let down' after this.. I hear everyone gets this. Its like ' now what ' .. so I guess you have to find another aspiration to run to :)