Friday, November 02, 2012

A new challenge is here!! It starts today....

I am in need of another challenge! I cannot run for another few weeks as you are supposed to rest one day for every mile you run after a marathon! So, that means 26 days of NO running!! I have realized I am addicted to running and fitness and when I do not workout, I feel crazy! No, not really but I feel the effects of not getting a workout in and so I need to set new goals and work on a challenge this month.

I am excited because in 26 days we leave for a short vacation to London and then to Bath to see the famous Christmas market held there each year. Knowing that soon, I will be in London, one of the best places to eat Indian food, which is a personal favorite of mine, I need to make sure and be extra strict this month with my diet!! My long runs are over so I need to back away from the carbs, up my protein and watch my calories. I cannot workout this month like other as I am recovering from the race so I MUST make sure  I do not eat like a race horse when I am not racing!! :) There will be a time for scones, tea and definitely some curry but not now.

My challenge is incredibility simple! I hope to reach my goals before we leave November 28th....

Nutrition goals....

1. Be sure and get in my Sunwarrior, VM Green and Earth daily!
2. LACV 128 oz daily -  1 lemon mixed with apple cider vinegar in a gallon of water.
3. Flax bread only in the mornings and only ONE piece per day.
4. Log calories on Spark and post on Blog/FB

Fitness goals....

1. Push ups - 1000 military push ups before 11/28
2. Squats - 4000 squats - sumo, jump squats, etc....before 11/28
3. Burpees - 1000 reps before 11/28
4. Pull ups - assisted or negative - 100 reps before 11/28

I have NOT been strength training the final weeks leading up to the marathon so the fitness goals are huge for me! I cannot tell you the last time I did a pull up....oh mercy!

So, in order to make these goals happen, I have to start somewhere. And that begins now. Here is my plan for the week......

Friday - Yoga, easy stretching along with some pushups
Saturday - walk on the treadmill, easy 30 mins along with ST circuit
Sunday - Yoga and PT exercises
Monday - ST circuit
Tuesday - Walking on the tread - 30 mins
Wednesday - ST circuit
Thursday - Walking on the tread - 30 mins
Friday - Yoga/Rest


Anele @ Success Along the Weigh said...

Vacation is for enjoying and you've got a great plan in place (as usual) to make sure you go into it as fit as possible!

jillianhubers said...

How much ACV do you add to your water?

You are such an inspiration: ) Thanks for sharing!

buzzywuzzy said...

You are such an inspiration to me! Is the LACV a detox drink?