Monday, August 06, 2012

Challenge results - Day 1

It was not the bombastic start to my challenge that I wanted but I am still proud I worked hard. Today was rainy and cold and it zapped ALL of my energy out...which is pretty hard to do :) I went for a great 31 min walk, mostly hill work pushing my baby girl in the BOB and then I did my pull ups and push ups for the day but to be honest, all day I felt as if I was hit by a truck. I called my husband and he feels the same way so maybe we are fighting off a bug or something or maybe it is just delayed exhaustion from the trip. Coming home to clouds and rain after being in the warm Mediterranean does not help either.

I started off today motivated and ready to work hard. Now, I feel tired but still motivated. I am watching the Olympics as I write this and I feel incredibly bad for saying I feel tired. After what? They are doing all of these amazing things and I am tired from a walk and some pull ups? Goodness. Some days you just feel off a bit and this is one of them... BUT, I can tell you this, even though I feel worn down, I got out there and I did something. I did what I could. I feel so very blessed to have my health and even if it is just the bare minimum, I wanted to strive for my best today.

Now for the pull ups. I tried today and it was miserable. I did 1.5 from a hanging position, totally unassisted then I did 2 sets of 5 followed by another set of 8 this evening. I tried another one unassisted but I only made it half way. This is going to be a VERY hard challenge for me. But that is the point, to truly REACH and to strive for something that scares you, pushes you harder and where you feel uncomfortable but you know you are pressing on and it will be worth it.

Challenge totals - August 6th - August 31st

Day 1 - Miles - 2
Assisted pull ups - 18 reps/200
Unassisted pull ups - 1.5 then another I get to count that as 2?? :) No....
Push ups - 75 reps/500
Diamond - 25
Spiderman - 25
Close grip bosu ball - 25

Nutrition - I did well today.....

M1 - Egg and spinach scramble with ground turkey
M2 - 1 apple
M3 - Natural PB on a GF rice cake
M4 - more of the spinach/egg mix from this morning along with 1 grapefruit
M5 - Whey protein shake with berries and banana
M6 - Salmon burgers over spring mix with avocado and EVOO/Balsamic mix
M7 - Kefir, apple, flax and almonds

Now I am off to bed hoping that I will wake up with TONS of energy ready to take the day by storm.

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The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh said...

All days can't be ovaries to the wall but you did more than most people feeling the way you do and that's awesome. You will be amazed how strong you'll get over the course of this challenge. Now get some rest and get ready for tomorrow!