Monday, November 08, 2010

Anniversary Challenge Day 8

I have been blogging on my spark site this challenge but wanted to start blogging over here as well.....

I am sick so no working out for me. Why does this happen? I HATE being sick. I have this yucky sore throat thing that is just terrible. Anyways, I am not working out today for obvious reasons but I think if I rest today hopefully tomorrow I may be ok to do my 5 miles. I HAVE to stay on track as my half marathon is 27 days away and I have to get my 10 miler in this weekend.

To stay accountable and on track, here are my meals for today. Obviously I am pre-logging dinner as it is just easier for me as evenings are busy getting Kayla bear ready for bed.

Meal 1 - One 50 calorie high protein wrap with 4 egg whites, cheese and ground turkey. Decaf latte with FF milk. 40 oz of water

Meal 2 - Ground turkey burger over spinach. Side of vinaigrette.Tabouli and couscous with slices of red pepper and broccoli. Sliced mango and water with apple cider vinegar

Meal 3 - Chicken and brown rice soup with lemon. Fresh slices of strawberries with ground flaxseeds and walnuts over greek yogurt and splenda. BIG jug of water with cider vinegar

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