Monday, November 16, 2015

Let's try this again!!

I am jamming on my fb post, Twitter and Instagram and yet I cannot keep up with my blog. Seriously. What's wrong with me? 

I am attempting to keep this domain but blog through another site. Just trying to figure out how!  In the mean time, all is well with my recovery from neck surgery and crazy, awesome things are happening!! 

If you are on fb I am Jen's Journey...imagine that! 

For Twitter @JensIMjourney 

Instagram @ 

That's a lot of journeys 😄


Morgan said...

I happened to find your blog on Pinterest and I have to say you are very inspiring! I have about 80 lbs and seeing your journey gives me faith that I will succeed! I'll be following your social media accounts :-)

Morgan said...

80 lbs to lose*

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