Sunday, March 10, 2013

March totals so far...

They are not the totals I was hoping to post but all I can do is keep reaching...

Weight loss - not even going to talk about this one. The scale is going in the WRONG direction.
Miles - 8.42/50
Pull ups - 9/50...unassisted but embarrassing totals
Push ups - 270/1,000
Burpees - 85/500...a new goal added as they are so very effective

Lessons learned so far this challenge -

1. Take things one day at a time
2. The scale is evil and can change SO much daily based on water, salt etc.....
3. Watch the nuts. Too many calories if you do not watch your portion size
4. Do not allow yourself to get hungry, then you break and crave BAD carbs
5. Relax, it is just weight. It is just a number. Focus daily on the positives in your life
6. Stretch.
7. Think before you eat. Are you hungry or thirsty....
8. Stop trying to make it happen overnight. You let yourself go over the past several months, it will not come back instantly.
9. Watch the salt.
10. It is going to be hard getting back, but worth all effort. Stay focused.

Next weeks schedule -

Sunday - Run/walk easy with family, pull ups and push ups
Monday - Run/Walk 4 miles and KB's at the gym
Tuesday - ST circuit at home
Wednesday - Run/Walk 4 miles and KB's at the gym
Thursday - Walk - 6 miles
Friday - Walk/Run 4 miles and KB's at the gym
Saturday - Long walk with family
Sunday - Rest or long walk with family

Nutrition goals - Greens, greens and more greens.


Brett, Jaymie, McKaleigh, Colton, Alex said...

In Utah and Love reading your blog, its inspiration and NORMAL!

Anele @ Success Along the Weigh said...

One step at a time girl! I know you're frustrated but you will get back to your former fitness levels. It takes SO long to build but so little time to go to pot. NOT FAIR! *stomps foot*

Do one more than the day before and you'll be your "old" self in no time! Cheering you on, my beautiful friend!

Chrisitian said...

Lean & Green! It works every time. You will reach your goals this month I just know it.

Remember our muscles have a memory & the minute we start using them again they are like hey I remember this ok time to react, tight up & lean out.

When I have been sick I use powdered vitamin c that I add to my green and/or protein smoothies or my fresh juiced vegetable/ fruit drinks. I add about 3,000 i.u.'s spread out over the whole day and it works wonders for helping me get my energy back & healing.

Pray you have a great week!

Anny said...

Seems like you have all your goal set to meet. I tried to do a hardcore jumping yesterday, but then got trouble breathing so I have to stop at the middle. Will try it again today. Hope I can be like you, set goal and will meet goal. Yesss!

Mike Manning said...


I can’t seem to find your email and have a quick question about your blog. Could you email me?


carol Smith said...

Well Jen, I have just recently found you and your blog and have read everything up till now and think that you are amazing and a total inspiration.. I can't wait to continue reading your journey and hope to apply your ideas to my own journey that I started today!! Thank you!