Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 2 results and next weeks schedule..

Jen's Half Training Week 2 - 11.5 miles - Run/Walk
Micah's C25K Training Week 2 - 2 Run/walks complete

Jen's Half Training Week 3 -
Monday - 40 min run/walk
Tuesday - 60 min walk along with ST and lower leg work with Cathe DVD
Wednesday - 40 min run/walk
Thursday - 60 min walk along with ST and lower leg work with Cathe DVD
Friday - 40 min run/walk
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest

Micah's C25K Week 3 -
Monday - 30 min run/walk
Tuesday - 30 min walk along with ST
Wednesday - 30 min run/walk
Thursday - 30min walk along with ST
Friday - 30 min run/walk
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest


Runners Fuel said...

sounds like a good week!

Anonymous said...

Me & my boy start our half training on Monday! Our "practice" long run is tomorrow :)

Which half are you doing? Maybe I should just go back a few blogs and catch up! :D

Anonymous said...

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